Friday, May 8, 2009

the sun came back...

Elizabeth tried her hand at another round of beeswax candle rolling last evening.  She really enjoys making her own candles.  She wants to give them to everyone we know.  I'm starting to think this might be a good Christmas present idea for grandparents.  (She also learned to braid her own hair today; hence the lone braid hanging in front of her face.)

She branched out a bit with the colored wax decoration this time trying some flowers with rain and a star.

After the candlemaking, Finn and I enjoyed the beautiful, sunny evening out on the deck while he put together his Mother Goose puzzles for the billionth time.

And we admired the cosmos that Elizabeth and I planted out on the deck.  She saw the seeds at Whole Foods and just had to have them.  

Finn thought the rainwater was more interesting.

Paul needed to mow so he missed the fun, but I just had to show you how the horses amble over as soon as he starts dumping freshly mowed grass over the fence for them.

I guess they don't have to wonder if the grass tastes better on the other side of the fence.

Finn loves to watch them eating "our grass".

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  1. such lovelies. Are those horses yours? They are beautiful.

  2. those candles are beautiful.

    my middle daughter was obsessed with puzzles for a year or two of her life when she was a little one too. she would play with them for hours.

    love the pics of the horses. they are just such beautiful creatures.

  3. Dongdong, the horses actually belong to a neighbor behind us that owns the pasture. The pasture used to have cows, and we enjoyed many baby calves. The horses have been around for over a year now. Our kids love them!

  4. Those beeswax candles look pretty! What a fun activity. The outdoor pictures are lovely too :)

  5. Those are beautiful Elizabeth. I love the braid! What a view with those gorgeous horses as neighbors.

    Btw, I don't think I'd pick the horse dandelions either for eating......;)

    I think we will try strawberry jam this year too. We are jelly making machines right now.....

  6. Beeswax candles are always such fun! We've made them as a birthday party project/gift, too. You live in a beautiful place...

  7. The picture of Elizabeth with the one braid in front is so cute, and brings back memories. That's exactly what my daughter used to do when she was learning to braid her own hair. :)

  8. I love that the horses meander over to eat the freshly mown grass

  9. Ooooh...we love rolling beeswax candles. They are so simple to do and look so pretty together.

  10. Those candles are beautiful! And I'm amazed at Finn and his puzzle-ing skills!

  11. where do you live? you have horses in your back yard? (green with envy!)


  12. Nicola, we live in a rural-ish area of NC between two cities. Our neighborhood is surrounded by farms.


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