Thursday, May 28, 2009

Evening Walk

Our sky has looked like this, off and on, for the last few days.  We've learned to just carry on...drizzle or not.

Tonight we went for a walk around the neighborhood, one of Finn's favorite pasttimes, in the drizzle.

Finn loves seeing all the little wildflowers, ie. weeds, along the way.

Mama enjoyed seeing the new little maple saplings.

Finn points to the flowers he likes best, and mama gathers them.

He ends up with quite the collection by the end of the walk.


  1. LOL, oh that's cute, Finn in the stroller with his collection of flowers! :)

  2. precious.
    my boys love the wild flowers (weeds) also. They pick me atleast one every day!

  3. Sweet. :)
    An evening flower walk sounds like a lovely ending at this time of year.

  4. Love the daisies! I always think of the line from "You've Got Mail" about daisies being the happy flower.

  5. This is so peaceful after your big family visit!
    We've learned to enjoy the rain as well as the sunny days. You just HAVE to here in Alaska! A rainy day is a whole new world to explore!

  6. Grady has been doing some similar collection, only it is for "the cows." Because so many of those wander through our neighborhood.

  7. That sounds like a fun way to take a walk. Finn has got a great collection there.

  8. Aww! I love the last picture of him with his collection of flowers :)

  9. I so love the wild areas in our yard. Love the flowers on the stroller tray!

    Lisa :)

  10. Such a sweet post, we have been out in the drizzle lately too!
    I love his little flower collection, sweet memories for sure! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!

  11. looks like a fun walk, we love going on a nightly walk to and even go in the rain it is so soothing and quiet, lovely flowers.


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