Friday, May 1, 2009

It's that time!

That time of the year is here...the time where all the final school projects are being complete, the end of grade testing is almost here, and the school performances are being performed.  Elizabeth's final choir performance was last Friday.  And Paulie's end of year violin concert was this afternoon.

Elizabeth is the one with her hands folded toward the right.


They both did such a fantastic job, and I'm so proud of all the hard work they've put into learning their music and practicing their pieces!


  1. Paul did great playing the violin. I studied that too but didn't like it. I'm sure Elizabeth did great singing. When's school officially over? Over here, the schools won't be out until middle June.

  2. Wow, is school letting out already?? That's so great that your family is musically inclined. It just was never something my family ever did. Gotta figure out how to include it in Kieran's life. ;)

  3. Schools not officially over until the 2nd week of June, but they tend to start this stuff early since EOGs are in 2 weeks. They'll still have a few more things to come (like Elizabeth's poetry slam which I'm totally psyched about :)

  4. Nice job Paulie, and you too, Elizabeth! Looks like you got great seats to watch both of them perform. That doesn't happen often for parents, lol.

  5. Way to go Elizabeth and Paul! Makes me want to take up a violin.

  6. Great job, kiddos! I took violin for far, far longer than I care to remember (I wanted a pony) and I am here to vouch that he's got some great technique!


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