Thursday, May 14, 2009

In the gardens...

While Finn was coloring out on the deck (doesn't he look intent?), Mommy went to check out the gardens.

I found little zucchini leaves poking out of the ground,

and butternut squash.

The heirloom tomato plants are looking good too.

And look at these cute little berries!
(Don't let the berries fool you...although this plant always bear a
dozen or so, it's never grown much or gotten very healthy.
Must give TLC to the blueberries this year!)

Saw some color peeking into the blue hydrangea.
I almost love this stage as much as the full blue blooms.

And watched Finn learn to give a stink-eye.

Then the sun set on our backyard...


  1. Oh I just love it when new plant growth begins pushing through the soil, fantastic! Love the stink eye!! Have a great weekend.



  2. The hydrangea is beautiful. I love flowers and plants in their very beginning stages, too. Reminds me that miracles happen every day and in every way.

  3. Oh, that stink eye....I'm a little scared! ;)

  4. I know that "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" song is all about Christmas, but I think that title applies this time of year too! I just love all the little flowers, bugs and plants. Everything is new with life and so beautiful!

  5. Yay for your plants!

    My son gives me a very similar face...we call it the "Mr. Grumps". :)

  6. Both the blueberries, and the hydrangea might like a little used coffee grounds worked into the soil around them. My blueberries responded well to that last year, and I only wish I had a hydrangea plant...but I've heard they like acidic soil as well.

  7. We have blueberry bushes too(3 or 4 I think) and we get a ton of blueberries but they aren't as sweet as I'd like. Have fun in the garden!

  8. I love your garden plants!! I actually have 2 tiny tomatoes already! I accidentally mixed up the tags, so I don't know what kind yet, but I'm very excited. Yay gardens!!

  9. So pretty! I thought you only had one bush-- I didn't know they could make blueberries in the absence of another one! When you find what grows here, let me know...

  10. Congratulations on your beautiful garden! Such beautiful pictures...


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