Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Lunch

Our dear friends, Paul and Jenni, are visiting from DC this weekend. Jenni and I took a kid-break this morning and ventured to the farmer's market alone. Of course, we needed to immediately gobble up some of the fresh tomatoes, goat milk cheese, strawberries, and peanuts that we acquired while at the market.

We savored our fresh lunch out on the deck
in the perfect almost-summer day.

Finn thoroughly enjoyed his strawberries!

After lunch, Finn and Charlie headed out into the yard to play while we relaxed on the deck a bit longer.

It was delightful to watch them being so sweet together.


  1. Looks like a lovely day, we have been enjoying the sweetness of "almost summer" too! : )

  2. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful lunch.

    I just love Finn photos. :)

  3. Love the picture of them holding hands. Send some of that sun up to VT!

  4. I love farmers markets! What beautiful pictures.

  5. What a fun time with friends! That guacamole looks delicious!

  6. Your lunch is making me hungry. :) Sounds like a fun time with friends.

  7. oooooh, fresh yummies from the market! love the strawberry face, my turtles get a strawberry face too when they eat red berries. It's pretty cute.

    Lisa :)

  8. Your photos are always so amazing, it seriously makes you feel as if you are there! As usual it looks like you are all eating delicious food and having so much fun. I wonder who was drinking the Guinness? Hmmm ;)

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