Thursday, May 21, 2009

Playing with Finn

We did a bit of updating to our nature table in the last week with a couple of items from You're Inspired and a new postcard from In the Land of Fairies by Daniela Drescher.  (Great book, by the way.)

Finn thinks the waves should double as a new stable for the cow, zebra, and alligator.  Those animals hang out together in the wild, right?

And a baby wave makes good grass, don't ya know.

Finn has also been obsessed with puzzles lately.  We recently acquired a set of little wooden jigsaw puzzles with Elsa Beskow prints.  They are darling, and Finn plays with them incessantly.

I just had to include this photo because, not only does Finn spend inordinate amounts of time with sidewalk chalk lately, but how cute is that cloth diapered tushie with chalk dust smeared all over it?

I hope you're having fun playing today!


  1. I love the imagination of a child!

  2. These pictures are adorable! You're doing such a great job nurturing your children's fantastic imaginations.

  3. I love the wooden waves. They can be waves, stables, mountains, grass, bridges, so many things. I just love open ended playing!

    Love Finn's cute little cloth diapered chalk smeared tush, too. ;)

  4. Love the pictures - especially the first and last one. And those puzzles are so sweet. Have to look into those.

  5. Oh, the chalked bum is priceless!

    -Lisa :)

  6. sweet. i especially love the squishy toddler hand. i continue to smile that we each have a sweet finn.

  7. The waves are amazing! I love the way that they change their purpose, depending on what the child sees at the moment. Beautiful...

  8. Those animals hang out together over here!!!

  9. Those look like some lovely toys. I love the last picture, so sweet!


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