Monday, May 25, 2009

Family, Day 2

The kids started out the day playing with the new gifts that the family brought.  Finn played with his new fire station from Plan City.

Elizabeth created bracelets with a glass bead set.

Philip built a Lego Star Wars ship.

Later, when the family arrived back at our house from their hotel.  The kids were thrilled to engage them in various activities.  Elizabeth explained the in-and-outs of the Ugly World to Dr. Joe (Paul's brother).

And David (Paul's brother-in-law) and Uncle Joe (Paul's uncle) helped Paulie build a bottle launcher.

They decided to send Moxy, Elizabeth's Ugly Doll, up for a ride.

Then Elizabeth decided to get in on the gravity-defying action
 by making a parachuting basket.

The evening saw Tara (Paul's sister) helping Finn with his wooden puzzles,

while the big kids learned to play Sequence with Aunt Karen (Paul's aunt).


  1. Woohoo on the bottle launcher! That sounds like so much fun, and I'm cracking up over the ugly doll taking a turn.

    It sounds like you are having soooo much fun with family. :)

  2. The bottle launcher is so cool! I hope the Ugly doll had a good time flying.

    Love Elizabeth's parachuting basket.

    What a lovely weekend you are all having.

    -Lisa :)

  3. How wonderful to have family visiting and to all share such good times together. The bottle launcher certainly is awesome.

  4. You guys certainly were busy having fun! Good times and even better memories ...

  5. I'm laughing about the Ugly doll on the bottle launcher. Your family certainly knows how to have fun. :)

  6. So much cool stuff going on!
    That's my kind of day!! :)

  7. What fun you guys are having!!!! Love the launcher!! You should do a tutorial!!
    My daughter had the same glass bead kit! They made some really nice braceletes!!!


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