Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Spring Craziness

The foils of yesterday are the flagstaffs of today.  Elizabeth found the perfect piece of already hemmed fabric in the scrap basket to construct her flag.

Philip used the accidental battleflag as his flag of choice.

Paulie practiced his samurai swordsman moves.

And Finn tried to take him down...

and succeeded.

And the tickle monster took Finn down.

In between the springtime craziness, mommy has been working on a new banner to celebrate some special guests arriving this weekend.


  1. Creativity mixed with playing outdoors is the best.

    Have fun with your special guests. :)

  2. I love the banner you made-your guests will definitely feel special. What a nice welcome!

  3. Great flags, great play and the banner you made is lovely!

  4. Finn is a strong little man to be taking that big brother down. That is the cutest.

    So how many french presses do you own exactly? Me one, but have broken many!

    Love the flags and banner. I should make a banner for Araina's upcoming birthday.....

    -Lisa :)


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