Sunday, October 2, 2011

farm day

Today our favorite local sheep and goat farms had their open farm day. We look forward to these twice yearly visits to our farms, as we've come to think of them. I might like the autumn farm days just a wee bit better though because the sheep farm always has other local fiber farms join them for a fiber festival.

Lots of spinning, wool, yarn, animals, quilts, wood-turned bowls, hand-carved spoons and many beautiful handmade things to capture our attention.

Not to mention ice cream from the local dairy!

As autumn blew in and dropped our temperatures by more than 20 degrees, we enjoyed an breezy October day with the sheep and their lovely wool.

The local folk musicians are always quite a hit, as well.

Finn walked around telling everyone who would listen, "my mama used the coats from these sheep, it's called wool, to make my hat!" (which wasn't exactly true, but we have made plenty of items from the wool of these particular sheep!)

After we'd had our fill of the sheep and spent our last dime on the wool, we headed over to visit with the goats for a while.

Finn enjoys the sheep, but he really has love for the goats. He calls them and they amble over, letting him rub their ears on his cheek and pet their heads for as long as he's interested.

I think Finn would have stayed here with this particular goat all afternoon if the older boys of some of our friends wouldn't have lured him toward the chickens. (Whoa, hat hair!)

We admired the chickens for some time.

Then we even visited some of the roosting ladies.

And laughed and a few who kept flying around the yard at top speed.

What a fun day at the farm! I'm so glad that we've been able to spend so much time getting to know these farms and their wonderful occupants.

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  1. Finn the goat whisperer! You've got space in your back yard for one or two, right?
    I so wish we were there for the festival!


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