Sunday, October 30, 2011

navigating the corn

Elizabeth attended a birthday party for one of her closest friends (since kindergarten) at a corn maze nearby. The weather had been chilly and rainy on Friday so we were unsure if the corn maze would happen, but the sun came out late Saturday morning and the clear, chilly autumn skies opened up to reveal a beautiful autumn day.

I volunteered to help with the driving since there were more girls than would fit in the birthday girl's car (or maybe it was to get out of the renovation in the library at home, ahem).

The girls (and birthday girl's brother and friend) headed out into the maze, each group determined to solve the puzzle and find each of the 6 stations before the other groups.

Off they go, puzzle book in hand!

But everywhere you looked, there was corn...corn...(beautiful autumn light)

and more corn.

Eventually, and with the help of a worker that we kept running into,

we all found the various stations, solved the puzzle, then navigated our way out of the corn.

To a big giant jumping pillow. (just what you find beside every field of corn, no?)

I'm so glad I was able to attend, walk the maze, take some photos, and celebrate with one of Elizabeth's oldest friends. Happy birthday, Katie!


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