Sunday, October 4, 2009

Friends, Furry Animals, and a Fun Fall Day

Our friends from Zach Aboard were in town again this weekend. We were fortunate enough to be able to hang out with them twice this weekend. They came over to our house on Saturday evening for dinner and kept Finn and I company since we were the only ones around this weekend.

Then Sunday afternoon, we were able to twist their arms *wink, wink* into meeting us at the Farm Fest at our favorite local sheep farm.

As soon as Finn and I arrived, we were greeted with a couple of very cute alpacas. One was particularly taken with Finn's crackers.

Within minutes, a bee landed on Finn's neck and gave him his first bee sting. He spent the next 30 minutes mostly like this:

We discovered this small pen of a couple of sheep under a tree, and found that it made Finn feel much better when we sat under the tree and sang to the sheep.

After that, he felt ready to carry on to the other activities of the farm. We visited the barn, where we watch the sheep shearing each year.

While Finn was watching the sheep, mommy slipped into the wool room to see (and feel) the huge bags labeled by sheep name full of raw wool.

From the sheep barn, we moved on to looking at the wonderful selection of wools.

Finn found baubles to keep him entertained while mommy was yarn shopping.

Then he purchased his two favorites (and we picked out a few for Elizabeth's Christmas stocking.)

A few sheep dog demonstrations were planned throughout the day. Finn was excited to see how the dog would run around the sheep, and they would all take off running.

Many folks were spinning, and Finn needed to stop to see all of them, but none were so interesting as this lady who was spinning straight from a live angora rabbit. You can barely tell she's holding a live rabbit, he was so relaxed.

We were able to catch up with some friends there. I think Finn and Grady could have just petted the angora rabbits all day. You can't blame them for wanting to hang out with all that fluffiness.

A few weavers were present as well. It was so wonderful to see so many fiber craftsmen and let Finn get close and see them work. I wish that all of the kids could have seen it!

We also were able to see Cindy and her family again for a bit before they headed back home. All in all, it was a wonderful fall weekend!


  1. Wow you are fast! Thank you again for hosting such a fabulous meal and showing us the good times in NC. Hopefully we can host you for a sail sometime soon...

  2. We had fun! We ended up leaving in a rush b/c the big and little ones had melt-downs at the same moment and we just scooted out. Such a cool thing, though!

  3. Wow! How wonderful that you get to meet up with the Zach Onboard clan. What a beautiful day, full of fiber arts. There's just something about sheep, spinning and weaving that soothes the soul. Lovely pics.

  4. oh, what a fun amazing day with boatbaby! i am so sorry about finn's bee sting, though. poor babe!

  5. What a wonderful weekend Joy! That sheep farm looks amazing, all that fiber, I am quite green with envy :) And the man spinning from his Angora rabbit, wow! Angora is so difficult to spin, and his looks so smooth and constant, wow. I hope Finn's bee sting is better.

    Have a lovely week my friend:)

  6. Oh gosh, what a lovely weekend! Well except for poor Finn's bee sting. I hope he is feeling better now. :)

  7. You always do such fun things. What lucky kids to grow up in your home!


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