Tuesday, October 18, 2011

celebrating Philip

We took some time to celebrate the shyest, most sensitive and sweet member of our clan this evening. Philip turns 9 tomorrow but will be celebrating with his mom so we took this evening as an opportunity to get a head start on the festivities. He's a true autumn boy with a warmth that radiates from his smile and his ever-present hugs.

Elizabeth decided to celebrate him by making a throne to seat him at dinner. I wasn't quite sure he'd be able to stay on the chair aloft those fluffy pillows, but he managed just fine.

Oh, and she dressed him in kingly robes. Doesn't he look celebrated?!

He must be getting old. That's quite a large fire. :)

He chose to have homemade macaroni and cheese and steamed broccoli for his birthday meal.

And following the birthday song, and blowing out the candles, we feasted on the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches that he requested as his birthday dessert.

He definitely enjoyed being the center of attention and love for the evening and he even had a bit of a surprise. Even though he knew it was his year to receive an ipod, he thought it would be for Christmas. A priceless reaction and he's already dreaming of new audiobooks he can't wait to listen to.

Happy birthday to our Philip Henry! We hope *9* is an amazing year for you!


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