Thursday, October 13, 2011

an adventure

Finn and I embarked on an adventure yesterday afternoon which we only returned from a few hours ago. And what an adventure it was!

A good friend whom I have known since childhood had triplets this summer, and following NICU stays and the generally craziness of baby times 3, I had not gotten the chance to meet them yet. When my friend invited me to come stay with her for a night to help her while her husband and mother were unavailable, I was happy to head an hour down the road to help her with overnight feedings.

I learned that 3 babies can be very difficult to photograph with their eyes open and no one crying and that juggling 3 infants is indeed as difficult as it sounds. My friend does it with head-on determination and grace. What a champion of a mother!

On our return trip this morning, I decided to take advantage of geographic proximity and stop by (well, it was only 25 miles out of our way) a local organic mill.

Finn admired the tall grain silos and clutched my hand desperately, a little nervous about the noise.

But we left with 25 lbs of organic all purpose and 25 lbs of organic whole spelt.

All for a fraction of the cost of buying it in bulk at the grocery store.

We also passed our favorite farmer's market, and even though the rain began pouring, we decided to stop for more produce to put away for winter. Finn picked out 2 pumpkins to make pumpkin butter.

And I collected several 2nd quality peppers and 15 more lbs of tomatoes.

And now, once I've had a nap, I guess canning more tomatoes will be next on our adventure list!


  1. Can I put in a tomato sauce order? Those three babies are sweet as can be!

  2. Ohh I love the three babies ;)
    And the spelt flour is awesome - wish I could get my hands on some ;)

  3. Oh I am jealous you have so much lovely organic flour! Enjoy!!! Can't wait to see your baking on here...


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