Monday, October 3, 2011

at the county fair

Every year when October rolls around, the county fair opens. I always pine for the county fair of Farmer Boy, Charlotte's Web and my grandmother's stories of when her father used to show apples at the very fair we attend. Alas, the county fair has changed a bit since Almanzo's and my grandmother's time, which doesn't stop me from waxing nostalgic, but does generally give me pause about taking the entire family for an evening of expensive-game-playing, junk-food-peddling, not-particularly-enjoyable county fair.

When I heard that the county fair was free for "school day", I decided to take Finn for the morning because in my opinion, this was the perfect time to go since the fair opened 2 hours early for the school kids. The rides and gross food options were not yet in service which means only the best parts of the fair were available for enjoyment. Finn and I truly had a wonderful time, and it was almost the county fair of my fantasy. We spent the entire morning visiting farm animals, examining veggies, both large (5 lb 14.7 oz sweet potato, anyone?) and unusual, watching a border collie sheep herding, wandering through Yesterday Village, cheering for racing (and swimming) swine, feeding goats (and you know how he loves the goats!), and participating in a fire safety exercise that included escaping from a smoky room through a window (very exciting!) Hooray for a brisk autumn morning spent at a nostalgia-satiating county fair!

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