Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yarn Along

Well, here we are at another Yarn Along (joining the fabulous Ginny) and I'm sitting here with the same old projects. The scarf and socks are both relatively close to being finished, but I need to just get them DONE already so I can move on to another, hopefully more inspiring, project. I did make a quicky little bookmark out of the red sock yarn, which I finished in a couple of short hours, but when I looked for it to take a picture, *poof* it was gone. I have my suspicious (ahem, Elizabeth) of who might have swiped it so maybe I'll get a picture of it soon.

I just wrapped up reading a few different books, including Come to the Edge, which was better than I expected, but I've returned them to the library so I don't have a photo. Finn and I just finished reading The Children of Noisy Village and we plan to start The Wind In The Willows today. I can't recommend either of those books highly enough. We love them and they have been read numerous times in our home. The Wind In The Willows edition we have is illustrated by Inga Moore, who draws the mostly lovely, ethereal and heart-warming illustrations. I prefer her illustrations in many of our favorite books.

I also have 2 projects waiting in the wings that don't have a good pattern yet. Maybe you can help? The blue worsted Malabrigo is going to be a hat for Elizabeth, but I just haven't found an inspiring hat pattern yet. I'm also looking for a boy-ish hat pattern for the green. They are both soft and gorgeous yarns, and I want to make a hat that really shows off the lovely color and texture of each yarn.

Until next week...


  1. I love all your yarns - such beautiful colors! And they all look so comfy :)

  2. You have been very very busy with other things (other posts tell so), so it's not too unusual to have knitting take a back seat. Love your projects and isn't nice to have new yarn? Good incentive! Not sure about a hat pattern - I like the earflap hats on boys.

  3. I'm dying to make this hat: and think it would be perfect for your Malabrigo. I've got some MadTosh in a similar blue and it's been in my queue on Ravelry for a while. I also like this pattern for the green: Both yarns will make beautiful hats!

  4. I love those colors. I have yet to use Malbrigo yarn. have you ever heard of Never Not Knitting. Please don't laugh at me if you already know this..but she has a podcast she does and it is so fun to listen to. I have been listening to all her old ones and loving all the learning I am doing. she talks about all these different fun!
    check it out..unless you already know about it and are shocked that I am just now coming to this awareness.
    p.s could not sign in

  5. I was going to suggest Jared Flood's Turn a Square for the the green. (

    As far as girly hat patterns...I'm currently working on Autumn in Garrison ( and it's going by lickety split.

  6. I adore your blog-it is wonderful! So happy I stumbled onto it this evening. Thank you for the delightful reading. How about for Elizabeth's hat?

  7. If I may be so bold as to suggest a pattern I created for my husband, it's a hat called Shilling that would look lovely in green:

    And here's one I haven't designed, but I'm looking forward to knitting it. I think it would be great in that blue!


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