Monday, February 16, 2009

Saturday at the Sheep Farm

While Paul was out of town this weekend, Elizabeth, Finn and I decided to venture out to the local sheep farm for their Shearing Day.  Finn likely doesn't remember coming last year as a family when he was barely toddling, but Elizabeth remembered and came with box in hand to store the feather collection she was intent to find.

Finn had almost as much fun chasing the chickens as watching the sheep.  He also tried to climb in the coop when he heard all the clucking going on in there.  Something tells me he'd be quite the handful if we lived on a farm.

Several baby lambs were born in the last week.  They were extremely cute and hard to resist touching even as the mama sheep gave us suspicious glances.

Elizabeth was rather satisfied with the feathers she found lying around the farm.  She seems to remember there being more last year, but she was content to settle for these.  I'm sure Paul will be thrilled when he returns to find the threat of bird flu hanging out in Elizabeth's room again.  He's not, exactly, what you would call a lover of random bird feathers.

In all it was a wonderful morning.  Elizabeth and Finn had a fantastic time frolicking around the farm, and Mama bought some gorgeous local wool.  I guess I'll have to decide what wooly goodness to make now.


  1. Oh, sounds like fun! We have an event like that near here too - usually go each year. This year it is next weekend, same as train show. Hmmmm.

    Great photos!

  2. Looks like you had a great time

  3. That baby lamb is so cute! What a great outing for the family. My husband would say the same thing about the bird feathers. :)


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