Tuesday, October 25, 2011

her perspective

Of all of our children, Elizabeth is probably the most aware of composition, balance, and perspective. She attends an art-based elementary school and has dabbled in many mediums, although her least experience is probably in photography. In an effort to give her a little bit of exposure to photography, we are occasionally handing her the camera and sending her outside to find 10-20 interesting shots. "Interesting", of course, being up to interpretation by her.

I plan to expand past our backyard and take her on hikes and other places for the express purpose of seeing the scenery through her lens. She certainly has a perspective that we want to encourage and develop.

Her next question, of course, is when does she get her own camera?!

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  1. Looks like Elizabeth is doing very well! I love to pick up m camera only to find that Tia had been using it for "just a few" pictures. It's interesting to see the things she feels are important enough for a photo :)


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