Sunday, October 9, 2011

a weekend hike and a random act of kindness

This weekend our friends, the Callahans, came to town for the weekend with their 3 little ones. Most of the weekend was spent in scenes like this with the kids eagerly entertaining baby Penelope or running around the backyard together.

And who wouldn't want to entertain this little cutie!

But on Saturday evening we decided to spring for a change of scenery and the park we opted to visit turned out to be a most providential choice.

Beginning with a picnic dinner, we enjoyed our veggies, hummus, fruit, crackers and cheese before heading over to a delightful vine for swinging.

The littles couldn't quite get the hang of vine swinging, so they elected to manically dance for a bit.

Except Penelope...isn't she just too sweet!

Shortly after the vine swinging, as we were packing to leave our picnicking area, Elizabeth spied this sweet little wind chime hanging in the tree. Upon further inspection, we realized this was a Ben's Bell, and Elizabeth happily untied the chime and read the card, which instructed her to take the bell home to her own yard and pass on the kindness. What a beautiful reminder to treasure the precious things in our lives and show kindness to those we meet!

We continued our walk through the park,

smelling the flowers,

swinging together,

and trying to keep up with the big kids.

(Isn't Paulie such a good big kid friend!)

Eventually we decided to cross the street to another park to wander through the trees looking for ducks and geese.

But the sun quickly began to drop behind the horizon and we decided to make our way back to the car. Imagine our surprise when, as we were leaving, we spotted another Ben's Bell! Now our friends had a bell to take home with them, made doubly special by the fact that they also lost a Ben. Talk about passing on kindness! Clearly these bells were meant for us and our friends, and I'm so glad in the falling darkness they made their presence known.

Now our Ben's Bell hangs in our backyard maple where Elizabeth chose to hang it. I hope Jenni will post a picture of where their Ben's Bell hangs. My heart is bursting from these random acts of kindness that made our evening, and weekend, so special. I can't wait to pass the kindness on.


  1. How cool, this is the first time I have heard about these bells. Nice!

  2. Yeah, I've never heard of Ben's Bells before either... they sound truly magical and inspiring... such a great community builder! It looks great in your garden too! grace

  3. What a wonderful time spent with friends those bells are truly lovely and such a thoughtful deed.
    Take care


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