Monday, May 3, 2010

spring on the farm

As for the rest of the weekend, we headed over to our favorite sheep and goat farms to see how this spring has been treating the critters. Of course, the Open Farm Day fell on a day the temps rose to 90 degrees and during Finn's naptime so we couldn't stay forever, but it's always good to spend a little bit of quality time on our favorite farms.

The sheep were lazily resting in the shade trying to avoid the heat.

Finn made a beeline for his favorite sheep-viewing area...the barn.

He wasn't disappointed but did wonder why the sheep like to eat "that brown stuff."

When I lingered in the barn a few minutes longer than Finn, I came out to see him racing down the hill shouting something about "mohair goats."

He was right! A few mohair goats were pinned up near the house to be ogled by the visitors for the day. Their curly locks were so soft!

Finn also spent some time meandering the other spots on the farm.

The rock wall looked especially inviting!

Next we were off to the goat farm, which has a bonus of chickens! Finn had the best time checking out their digs.

He especially enjoyed seeing the teenager chickens in their side of the coop.

After spending a few minutes petting the mama goats who lived by the milking barn,

Finn discovered that the real party lay over in the baby goats pen.

He was taken with this little white baby goat who seemed to share the sentiment.

Then he discovered that the goat lady let a baby goat out of the pen, and he was off to make a new friend.

By the time his romp with the baby goats was finished, he was a tired little boy. A few minutes on the tree swing, and we were done.

Thank you Rising Meadow Farm and Goat Lady Dairy for opening your farms to us yesterday. You helped make this weekend a perfect first May weekend!


  1. I drove past the farm yesterday and almost stopped--now I wish I did!

  2. Aw, so sweet! You got some great pics!

  3. wow finn is looking so big these days! Is that the place we went to with you? Looks like fun, but those outing are always hard in the heat.

  4. What a fun day! I didn't realize what state you live in-I am looking for a place in your area for a weekend with a couple of friends. I need to email you!

  5. Although we had a terrific day too, I hate that we missed being out there! Looks like it was a great time...Finn would make the perfect farm hand ;)

  6. What adorable pictures! This makes me want to have some goats. :) I especially like the photos of Finn with the baby goat.

  7. It looks like so much fun-- we were tuckered out and didn't make it this year, but hopefully in the fall!


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