Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a tour of the fort

Two houses down, we have a lovely neighbor who allows our kids to take over a portion of her backyard for their fort.  Fortunately, our babysitter neighbor lives between the houses so she also doesn't mind their traipsing through the yard regularly.  The kids have started a small garden area in the last month to grow "apple and pears".  I'll keep you posted on how that pans out as I try to dissuade the apple and pear growing in favor of something a little simpler, like marigolds.

Apparently, the way you prepare their garden is to dig the soil to loosen it up, as Elizabeth and a friend from down the street are doing here:

Then to jump on the dirt to pack it back down again, see below:

Also in their fort is a small area for storing walking sticks (and ipods and frogs sometimes too).

They also have a slingshot, rubberbanded and ready to shoot.

Last but not least, a small nut decoration hanging from the tree above.

And now you have seen the carefully guarded fort.  Shhh...don't tell anyone you've been privy to this confidential information.  I might get reprimanded for this breach of security.


  1. I love the slingshot that's all ready to use. Perhaps against trolls trying to bother fairies living in the fort?

    What lovely imaginations! ;)

    Loved reading this...

  2. That's fantastic! Loved everything from the packed-back-down dirt to the decorated and fortified fort. Fantastic!

  3. Ipods and home-made slingshots. Kids these days!

  4. This is hysterical. I love to see kids playing in dirt! What great imaginations!

  5. That's a great fort! I hope those apples and pears grow successfully. :)

  6. I love their fort.

    I made sooooooo many forts as a child and it is so wonderful to see that the art of fort-building is still alive and well.

    It is so fun to see how their minds work.


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