Saturday, March 21, 2009

Random Bits of the Last Week

Finn, modeling his new t-shirt pants

Elizabeth, with the new apron that has made her 
ever-so-eager to help in the kitchen

the Trapecolo design Philip made 
when home with pink eye

Philip, reading the Eric Carle/Kazuo Iwamura collaborative book
(gorgeous illustrations and fascinating combination of English and Japanese)


  1. Your kids are so cute! And your daughter is beautiful. You should post them more often. Love to see more pics of them. :)

  2. That looks like a really cool book!

  3. I haven't seen that Eric Carle book....very interesting. I love it that Elizabeth is now eager to cook because of the new apron. I need to get some for my girls now. :)

  4. I love his pattern! We have a square set that I bought 15 years ago. All my kids still love to play with it and make patterns. It is a toy that truly lasts. I will have to look up that Eric Carle book, it looks fasinating.

  5. It sounds like everyone in your house has been enjoying different, fun creative outlets lately. Those are some great pants you made for Finn!

  6. LOL, my kids (even the teens) love to play with the pattern blocks still. :)

    Aprons really bring out the desire to be in the kitchen, don't they?


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