Monday, March 16, 2009

Rainy Day Activities

Another entirely rainy weekend...welcome, March!  The kids spent much of the weekend playing board games.

And they examined their magic crystals for quite a while, then hung them in the window.  I'm wondering now why I didn't take a few of those crystals that broke loose to examine under the microscope.  Maybe we'll get to that in the next few days.

And we made some tissue paper candle holders with some very spring-y colored tissue paper.  After seeing this project on Artful Parent last week, I thought it would be an easy, fun and seasonal addition to our rainy day project list.  (We just used watered down Elmer's glue instead of the mod podge.)

We left the window blinds down Sunday morning and ate breakfast by candlelight.

Oh, and now we have about 100 left over pipe cleaners from the magic crystals.  Anyone have any good projects to use them up?


  1. pretty crystals! J made the same tissue paper candle holder we but never lighted under complete darkness. I didn't realize how pretty they are.

  2. A candlelight breakfast...what a great idea! I still haven't made those magic crystals with my kids. They look like fun.

  3. The candle holders are so beautiful!

  4. Love those candle holders. I need you here once a week for art. Can you swing a weekly trip to Washington? :)

  5. I just love anything by candlelight. I guess I just normally think of dinner by candlelight, but breakfast by candlelight sounds very magical. What a nice way to begin the day.


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