Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Enjoying the Outdoors

The weather has been so wonderful for the last couple of days.  We've spent every possible moment outside enjoying it, soaking up the sun and warmth since the rain is moving back in today.  Some of the things we've been enjoying while we soak up the spring sun include:

crocheting many rainbow chains
(and wearing them in a variety of ways)

brushing up on the baseball skills
(first game is this Saturday!)

tracking down stray balls

hiding treasure
(probably cars)

picking flowers

chasing siblings
(he needed a rainbow spell cast on him)


  1. I love the rainbow yarn. I have something very similar,maybe even the same. I love the picture of your children chasing. Mine love to do it as well and that's what they do in playground instead of actually climbing or swings.:)

  2. Fauna love to finger crochet as well. Love that rainbow yarn! LOL about the little guy hiding cars. I bet you will dig some up years from now..........

  3. Those pictures are magical. I love the fun and energy in the last one especially! There is nothing like finding spring after a long winter. :)

  4. Ooooh...I love finger knitting. I think my girls' first finger knitting project was jumpropes. Seems like we braided several really long strands together. And SOMEWHERE on the internet we found wooden jumprope handles to buy and attach to the yarn. Lots of fun!

  5. You always have such beautiful pictures!

  6. All that fun makes me want to head out there right now. Spring always reminds me of the time I learned to knit socks with my friend Amy and her son Aadien finger knitting at our feet!

  7. LOVE what you all are doing lately. Makes me want to jump in the car and head down there right now!!! :)

  8. Beautiful pictures - lots of children's energy and joy!

  9. A beautiful post!

    I especially love the action of the rainbow chase.

    'Cept one of my all-time-favorite things is finding toys in things like drainpipes, so....

  10. Oh i love that zest for life at the start of spring and you just never want to head inside. What a lovely post...xx


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