Friday, March 13, 2009

Things That Make Me Smile... least in the last 24 hours.

Little girls that like to read fairy tales and mark their place with wool roving:

Little boys that can entertain themselves for hours with a coffee can and pottery, and marbles, of course:

Frogs that play Sorry!:

Pretty things that come in the mail (even if they're not for me, but for Paulie and Elizabeth who want to crochet a chain garland à la this post):

Random school drawings (Elizabeth's) from a field trip to NC School of the Arts:

Little boys who think it's a treat to get a gluten-free pomegranate waffle and kefir for breakfast:

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  1. LOL...the frogs playing Sorry took me by surprise and gave me the giggles.

    Good for you finding things that make you smile. :)

    Your blog makes me smile...

  2. Hey Joy, to get pretty felt of all colors and types you can try

    I love the wool roving "bookmark" and frogs that play Sorry!

  3. Those things made me smile too!

  4. Ahhh...I'm smiling about all those things as well. Thanks for the little peak into your lovely life.

  5. fun post! I love the little frogs and their board game...

  6. Yum, I woyld like a pomegranate waffle!

  7. I love the last one of your little guy in jammies. We have TWO pairs of those exact jammies at my house. Seems they are always in use.... that picture made me feel right at home ;)

  8. delightful sharing of your crafts and ideas!
    my two girls are avid fans of fairies! we even have a fairy door in the house!
    i have you marked on my list to visit again soon - take care!


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