Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bowling and Candlesticks

The second part of the preparation for our Lenten Lights involved making the candlesticks to hold our beeswax candles.

We molded the candlesticks out of sculpey.

Finn painted with watercolors.

The big kids painted with acrylics.

The finished product!
(I realize it's a little manic with all the crazy color,
but the kids love them.)

Since it was the first day of Elizabeth's spring break and the boys had a teacher work day (their spring break comes in a few weeks), we decided to bowl a few games to celebrate.  Well, they decided.  I'm not a big bowler, nor am I a fan of the cigarette smoke they still allow in the alley, but the kids begged so I relented.

Philip, getting ready...

Paulie, in full swing...

Elizabeth, letting go!


  1. I wondered why there were so many kids running around yesterday...

    What, no bowling for Finn?

  2. I love those candlestick holders! Maybe we'll make some this week.

  3. Those candles and the holders look like one of a kind modern art that you might see in a swanky art store. :)
    I used to not like bowling, but then Washington state passed a law that banned smoking in all public places. We've recently rediscovered bowling, and jazz clubs...both places I didn't really enjoy being in before, but do now.

  4. that is great shot at your son in action! (this dongdong) just so you know but I'm logged in as my daughter. I'm going to have see if there is another way to this madness.

  5. The candles and holders turned out just lovely!!

  6. oh, i haven't been bowling in sooooooo long. you have reminded me that that is something i need to do - soon!

  7. Cool activity... we've made candles, but not candlesticks. It's on the list now... thanks

  8. Looks like a lot of fun!:)

    I have some left over air drying clay. Now I know what we can do with it.:) Thanks for the idea

  9. I love bowling, not so much just me and my hubby (though that's one of the things we did on our first date), but I love bowling as a family. We have a no smoking policy at the bowling alleys here in town, thank goodness.

  10. Those candlestick holders are so beautiful! What a great project!

  11. Wow! The candles and holders came out AWESOME!!!!!


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