Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Bits of Yesterday

Ok, this first picture was actually a couple of days ago, but Finn was so enthralled with the trike he never remembered he owned that I had to include it.  He loves the bell just as much as he always did.

I saw this green sweater in my felted wool scrap bag and snips of the brown sweater and a tree with needle-felted apples just jumped out at me.  I realize that apple trees don't exactly scream "spring", but I love him anyway.

The grass.  It's getting bigger.  So big, in fact, that I may not be able to talk across the table much longer while actually looking people in the eyes.  I think a cat grass clipping might be in order soon.  Paulie and Philip have a couple of cats at their mom's house, and they are eager to see if the cats will eat their grass.

In my mail, this lovely Easter book illustrated with stained glass illustrations inspired by English cathedral windows and narrated solely with Scripture.  It is truly a work of art.

When I posted on the kids' school art and didn't have any art from Paulie to show, I promised to post about his pottery when it finally made it's way home.  So here it is!  He was thrilled to show us, and loving pottery the way I do, I was excited to see what he'd been working on.  He did such a great job!

I hope today contains just as many bits of loveliness as yesterday.


  1. You have such a sweet blog!

  2. Oh, the pottery is so sweet...what a treasure. :)

    I might have to think about planting some cat grass...looks like it's been fun to grow, and we have 3 cats! Wonder if they'd let it grow, though, or if they'd eat it all up before it's had a chance...

  3. I am in love with that apple tree! Great re-use of old sweaters!

  4. That pottery is great! I love the colors he used.
    I also love the photo of Finn on his little red trike, with his INSPIR(RED) cute and stylin'!

  5. Great use of the felt-- we should stash-share and make some goodies together with the kids. I want some felt food!

  6. I love that pottery! What a treasure!
    Cat grass would be fun to grow but I might turn my back to find it on the floor.

  7. That pottery reminds me of something I made when I was about 7or 8 and I loved it!

  8. I love reading random bits :). And the trike picture is priceless!

  9. I'm really looking forward to planting a grass centerpiece soon...That's my plan for Easter!

  10. So much color. And t-shirts outside. Sigh. Nice! :)


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