Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WIP Wed & a bit 'o luck

My first 2 WIPs are actually finished, but they are updates from last week so I thought I'd share anyway. Finn's slippers got their buttons, but it was so sunny today, I had a hard time getting a decent shot. You can see better pictures of the buttons themselves on etsy.

And the animal friend I was working on last week was a penguin chick for Philip. I thought he turned out terribly cute and might even need a mama penguin...hmmm...

My first actual WIP is another animal friend from World of Knitted Toys; this one for Finn. He needs some work still and looks a bit like a hot water bottle right now, but I'm sure he'll be just as cute when he's done.

This next WIP I'm kind of bummed about because I clearly need to work on transitioning to different colors in my knitting. The colors made a really bunched section. Hmph. This tractor mitten was my first attempt so I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself. Fortunately, I have enough yarn to make 3 mittens so maybe I'll get a good set yet!

The last little knit I want to share with you was a special project for Philip. He occasionally has bedtime anxiety so I made him this little heart (thanks, Nicole, for the idea) with some relaxation essential oils rubbed into the bamboo stuffing. He loves sniffing his little bedtime heart, and I'm happy something so simple could help.

A little just because photo here at the end. Elizabeth had a bit 'o luck this afternoon in the clover patch and found twelve 4 leaf clovers. She was so thrilled that she preserved them in packing tape and numbered them in the order she found them, which I thought was so cute. :)


  1. i love the heart and tractor mitten!

  2. I love the mitten, too! I don't see any flaws at all! And WOW-- lucky girl!

  3. Holy clovers, Batman! What a lucky girl!! That penguin is so cute!
    I am so glad the knit heart worked it's magic for you guys, too. K still holds hers every night <3

  4. Elizabeth is clearly a scientist in the making ;)
    The tractor mitten looks great! And I love the little buttons on Finn's slippers! How do you find the time to knit so much??

  5. I love knitted toys! Everything looks great Joy, and the colors are your mittens are perfect. My youngest just saw the photo and asked why he never gets orange mittens with a train on them :)


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