Monday, May 10, 2010

corners of...pottery

I recently came to the realization that although my blog's name calls us an art family, and I frequently share our family arts and crafts, I don't often speak of mine or Paul's artistic interests. I thought I might start sharing a bit of that here and there as the opportunity affords itself. Foremost I keep this blog as a journal for my kids so I thought they might enjoy someday seeing these posts about the art that filled their childhood spaces. Or maybe they will flip past these journaling pages wondering why I spent so much time talking about my knitting and the art on our walls. Who knows!

My first artistic passion blossomed out of my custody arrangement when Elizabeth's dad and I first split up. I really needed something to occupy my Tuesdays, when Elizabeth spent the evening with her dad, to take my mind off the current situation. What started out as a one-time class to explore throwing pottery, an art form I'd always admired, became 3 straight years of non-stop pottery classes including a 3 month stint taking one-on-one lessons with a master potter. I don't think that all those lessons brought me to any level of expertise, but I'd never been able to truly lose myself in any type of art before, regardless of the finished product, and to find that deep relaxation which comes from practicing a true artistic passion.

The following pieces are scattered throughout our house, although this is less than 1/4 of the pottery in our house and most was made by me, except where otherwise notated.

{hand-built polka-dotted mushroom}

{Elizabeth's face bowl, reminiscent of local tradition}

{wheel-thrown bulb vase}

{first raku piece, with metallic glaze}

{a print I made for our kitchen
from a photograph of of a vase I threw}

{pottery in our headboard,
furthest on right was a gift from South Dakota}

{crystalline pottery from Seagrove}

{Paulie's pottery mask}

My most treasured new piece of pottery is this pendant that Finn made me for Mother's Day this year. How thrilling to have my littlest make me such a sweet piece of pottery! As his first piece it certainly holds a special place in my heart.

Although I truly enjoy and have grown immensely through pottery, my life now as a working mama to 4 little ones doesn't leave much time for pottery anymore. I'm ok with that for now since I've found other creative endeavors to keep me busy. I know that one day my arms will be less full and my hands less busy and I'll find my way back to the world of pottery on a regular basis. For now it just fills me with joy to have pottery around the house, in these corners.


  1. Wow, I knew you were a talented woman but wow you have blown me away even more now with all your talents! It's allso beautiful!! I love your mother's day gift, too :)

  2. How beatiful! I had no idea you were so multi-talented. I especially love the metallic glaze.

  3. Why oh why don't you have an Etsy shop?? I NEED a mushroom!

  4. I loved seeing the pottery you and your children have made. You are so talented!

  5. I love the metallic vase, and of course the toadstool! Such beautiful art, talented mama!

  6. Love the pottery- especially the mushroom!

  7. so neat. Another thing we have in common. I have pottery from my first-major in college (ceramics) around our house as well. & while I didn't FINISH that degree, some day I'll have a wheel & build a kiln...part of the dream. You remind me of a potter I knew as a kid, it only makes sense. ;)

  8. The vases and all the pieces are just gorgeous, but I have a soft spot for that mushroom!
    having been over at your place, it IS filled tastefully with amazing art from the whole family, truly a beautiful environment!

  9. I've always loved the way your house has these little secret corners filled with art.

  10. How beautiful! I took a pottery class in high school and remember that it was so hard...I admire anyone that can create something with clay!

  11. Sounds like everyone wants a mushroom....including me!


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