Sunday, May 30, 2010

weekend in the city, part 2

We started off day 2 in the city with a trip down to Thompkins Square Park for Finn to burn off some steam. I really love visiting all the kiddie parks in the city; they are so unique and beautifully set in the middle of green spaces. Thompkins Sq is no exception.

Along one side of Thompkins Square Park, we stumbled on a farmer's market full of fresh, local goods. Some delicious goat's milk soap and fresh-pressed raspberry-apple juice made their way into my bag.

A delicious brunch with Paul's family at Life Cafe, one of our favorite NYC spots, filled our tummies before a bit of shopping.

Purl Soho was at the top of my (very short) shopping list. I couldn't wait to see their new location with both yarn and fabric in the same space now. A feast for the eyes, for sure!

Finn diligently helped me pick out some vehicle fabrics for a project for him.

While I perused the yarn, he played on the stoop outside the shop which resulted in a very filthy little boy.

After cleaning Finn up, we left him napping at the hotel with Paul's sister, and we decided to head back out to the Strand Bookstore, always on our must-shop list.

As usual the Strand did not disappoint.

Following Finn's nap and dinner, we headed up to the Top of the Rock to see a view of the city at sundown.

By the end of that excursion, Finn was tuckered out. He had quite the day of sightseeing, shopping and eating delicious foods.

What a weekend! Thanks to Paul's family and friends for a wonderful time. :)


  1. I want to be there! Really looks like so much fun!

  2. What a lovely time! The parks, fabric shops and farmers markets!

  3. You guys are always on the move when you travel! I am worn out just reading about it. I love how you sniff out the best books shops. I may need to consult with you before I head out of town next. :)

  4. oh my! i didn't know you were in NYC...we've been crazy this weekend too, but our NYC friends came to us! Hope you're enjoying yourselves.

  5. wow - great shots, wonderful places (a few of those would have been my top picks too!

  6. looks like a great weekend in NYC! I LOVE the green markets we have here. It really allows city dwellers like myself to enjoy fresh, local, yummy produce that would otherwise be uneasily attainable to us.

    I need to stop by the purl soho ... it's been on my list of places to go for so long... and I live here!

  7. Now if you just came upstate a bit I'd have had you for an iced coffee :) What an amazing trip!

  8. Gorgeous view!
    Lovely, lovely picture.


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