Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WIP Wed & other random things

The bulk of my knitting work this week has been on this sweater for Finn, probably a birthday or Christmas present. The sleeve length is a bit off so after plowing through the body of the sweater, I've spent most of the last couple of days on the sleeves. I'll try to make some notes on ravelry when I get the sleeve thing figured out. I think it will be really cute when it's finished though, and I really like the soft cotton by Mirasol.

I also made a second tractor mitten this week which turned out much less bunched in the picture area than the last one. A third will be in the works so I can avoid staring at the warped mitten in dismay every time he wears them. I'm in need of a break from these mittens though so I might wait a few weeks before finishing the set.

Other happenings in our life right now:

Finn's cloth scrap basket has turned into a basket of feathers. He knows which bird each "feather" came from too!

The music maker is seeing lots of love since it joined our family. The favorite sheet music: Bach's Minuet, which I didn't see coming but rather enjoy. You can hear Paulie's version here.

Elizabeth took this last shot. She and Finn set up the "perfect Plan City", and she photographed some of the happenings around the city. I'm fascinated by some of her compositions, including this shot of the luggage truck inside the airport.


  1. Dear Joy,
    What a wonderful sweater, it looks so soft and cozy:) Thanks for the link:) I have just looked at the music maker and I definately think we need one here too!
    Love the Plan City:)
    Have a great week my friend,

  2. That tractor mitten is awesome! I love the sweater, too. I need to get knitting. I've cast on a bunch lately but no project has been cast off!

  3. Elizabeth has an awesome eye! I love how everything is going around your house this week!

  4. looks like a fun house to live in :)
    and i love the sweater!

  5. Love, love, love, those orange mittens. Do they come big enough for large paws?

  6. Hi Joy!
    Your knitting projects are great - I am not to the point of such advanced work yet - beautiful!
    I always enjoy seeing what your creative children are up to as well.
    Warm wishes. Tonya

  7. It's a gorgeous shot she took! :)


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