Tuesday, June 1, 2010

home again...and almost WIP Wednesday

Well, I don't really have much of a WIP Wednesday to post because I'm basically working on the same things as last week. With our weekend full of travel, I didn't get much crafting done save for the few airplane hours. I did, however, leave NYC with a few goodies from Purl Soho, so I'll share those with you instead.

The green bulky yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca 50% wool/50% alpaca tentatively planned to be a gnome hat for Philip. The hot pink is Spud & Chloe in both fingering weight superwash and worsted weight superwash. They'll likely become socks and matching hat for Elizabeth. The brownish-gray is Cascade Eco Alpaca and destined to make some soft article for Paul, but I'm not quite sure what yet.

The cute Japanese vehicle fabric was picked out by Finn, and I threw in the Stop and Go fat quarter because I think they'll both work with the project I have planned for him.

Home again!

I couldn't be more thrilled to spend the evening in my own backyard today. Some of the blackberries ripened while we were away and were showing their faces along the fence.

Philip used a few of them to set a trap for a wild animal under our swings. I can't wait to see what he catches!

While we were away, Elizabeth spent some time at a friend's house working on fairy abodes. She was so thrilled to bring home this one that she and her friend "made all by ourselves!"

This evening, she started working on making the fairy dwelling into a comfy home for her fairy guests. She says it's a work in progress so I'll keep you updated. She couldn't leave them without any food though so she left a bowl of berries and nuts.

I hope your segueway into June was just as lovely.


  1. What beautiful yarn! And the berries-- I'm jealous! If you find yourself overburdened, you know who would love a bucketful!

  2. Love the animal trap and fairy dwelling! Too sweet!


  3. That green yarn looks delicious! Almost as delicious as the idea of fresh blackberries - YUM! I'd fall into the trap for that :)

  4. That fairy dwelling the SWEETEST thing I've ever seen...the creativity over there is off the charts! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with Finn's fabric. :)

  5. Well hello! Just stumbled over here from SouleMama, and am having such fun poking around. I'm swooning over your wool (oh, that blue sky alpaca!), and intrigued over your "gnome hat" mention. Do you have a pattern picked out?? I've been ad hoc-ing a pointy hat, poorly, and wondering if there's a nice set of instructions somewhere...

  6. Hi, Molly! Welcome. The gnome hat I'm making (actually I made it 2 nights ago) was the Elfin Cap from Handknit Holidays. I first discovered it through Soulemama and it's one of my favorites. And a quick knit since you use such thick yarn and large needles. :)

  7. I'm glad to see those blackberries in their own post - when I saw it when I came to check in, I gasped. Just beautiful.


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