Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WIP Wednesday & some time outside

My knitting has been a little scattered lately. London really wasn't conducive to getting much knitting done. By the time I blogged in the evenings, I was ready to hit the sack, so for almost a week I knitted about 3 rows on the mittens I'd been planning for Elizabeth. I carried my knitting with me thinking the plane ride home (9 hours!) would afford me a chance to get some done. Unfortunately, my needles were deemed weapons, and after patting me down, they were confiscated. :( Needless to say, I have been a knitting fiend since returning home to make up for lost time!

I did finish Elizabeth's first mitten while she was gone for the weekend, but then had to wait for her to try it on before beginning the next mitten. Waiting can be so distracting!

And I became hooked on another project. I decided to give socks another chance with this squishy superwash wool from Cleckheaton. Toddler socks seemed like they might be an easier endeavor, and surprisingly, they went swimmingly well after my last try.

He, of course, wouldn't keep them on for a decent picture since this sock "doesn't match the other one!"

(Excuse the horrid picture below. I didn't get finished with this until after sundown.) I finally put the finishing touches on the baby sweater and hat I'd been working on. This sweet set will be delivered to it's new home this weekend for a new baby that will be arriving soon in my extended family. I thought the vintage buttons worked perfectly on this little kimono.

The great outdoor challenge is a breeze so far with this wonderful (although very hot already!) weather we're having. I didn't take many pictures this evening, but I did catch Finn sniffing flowers again.

And our news bee hanging out telling us the latest gossip.


  1. Joy, those baby sweaters ALMOST make me want to have another baby! Or learn how to knit one myself--- wonder which one is easier?

  2. I had to giggle when I read that your needles were considered weapons, though I can't imagine the frustration with all that time on a plane and no needles! The vintage buttons are such a sweet touch for the baby kimono, what a lucky baby!

    Gorgeous colors in your part of the world!

  3. I love it all. Toddler socks make sock knitting more bearable for sure!
    This outdoor challenge is great, isn't it?

  4. When I traveled last month I was very nervous my needles were going to be 'weapons' --luckily there were not. I think I would have cried right there if they were confiscated.

  5. Crazy that your needles were taken away. It must vary airline to airline, I read on United (before flying to Hawaii) they were ok? I was worried because we were bringing Zach's knitting fork (lucet) on the plane. It went through ok both ways. Hmmmmmm? Less threatening I guess? The socks look fabulous!

  6. I LOVE your knitting projects. They all look fantastic! I am a newbie knitter and can't wait to sink my teeth into some more advanced projects.

  7. That's horrible that your knitting needles were confiscated on the plane! The little baby sweater set is so cute.
    I'm hoping that the rain holds off today so that we can get outside. Living where I do, I think I just need to grow some webbed feet.

  8. gorgeous hand knits, joy! i can't believe that i haven't visited your blog since you came and went from london! (puzzling over that...)
    glad your trip was wonderful. i used to near windsor, about 40 minutes outside london by train.


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