Monday, April 26, 2010

the Calder game

"I'm going to play the Calder game, Mom." Elizabeth announced as Finn was taking a nap, Paulie was working on a school project and Philip was building a lego masterpiece. With so many kids announcing things to me at any given time, I unfortunately do not catch everything that flies at me so I didn't pay her much mind until I saw the supplies she was gathering.

"What did you say, Elizabeth?"

"The Calder game. I said I'm going to play the Calder game."

"Ok, just what does that mean?"

"You'll see." came her reply.

She carefully studied the available colors in our box of modeling wax, decided on her shapes, then set to work.

About 45 minutes later, she had a heart, a star, a spiral, a cube and an "E".

"See, Mom! Now I have 5 shapes that are all different to hang from my mobile, just like Alexander Calder."

"I see, Elizabeth."

Then she wanted to hang her mobile up in the sun to see how beautiful the colors were.

Elizabeth used modeling wax and string to make her Calder mobile. We refrigerated her project for a few minutes when it was complete so it wouldn't fall apart before the wax had a chance to harden again. She learned about the Calder game from the book by the same name which her class has been reading at school. I love to see her education and imagination intersect in such an amazing fashion. Let the Calder games begin!

*We're having serious computer issues at the moment, ie. a failed hard drive on our less than 6 month old mac, so my posting may be more sporadic or somewhat dated for the next few days. Eek! Send healthy computer dust our way please!*


  1. Brilliant! I love when they take their own ideas and studies and run with it. I hope it lasts as long as she desires in wax :)
    I thoght Macs were supposed to be bullet proof? I hope you get it all resolved soon, I know first hand how frustrating computer problems can be. Good luck!

  2. Smart cookie! Very lovely--and that STINKS about the computer. We laid our 2 year old washing machine to rest this weekend. With at least 10 loads of laundry in waiting,and a 2 week wait on delivery of the new one. My fullest sympathies are with you!

  3. Oh, I love Elizabeth's idea! What creativity!

    Good luck with the computer problems...they can be so frustrating when they want to be.

  4. this is so lovely. she looks so very proud of herself; i remember that feeling of making something when i was a child. what a beautiful gift you have given her, allowing her to explore and create.

  5. I love this! I also noticed that Elizabeth was using a hairdryer to soften the wax. Why haven't I ever thought of that! I hope your computer troubles go away soon.

  6. I love her mobile!!!!!! So pretty in the sun!

  7. I love her mobile. How cool to make it out of beeswax. Beautiful!


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