Tuesday, April 27, 2010

after the rain

When the skies cleared after the rain, we were given a brand new spring day. A day ripe with opportunity for exploring this exquisite glistening landscape washed anew by the cleansing rain.

Elizabeth relished the opportunity to smell the post-rain air from her spot on the deck while enjoying the latest installment in her favorite series.

And then there were puddles.

Each ripe with new life and new discoveries.

We even discovered a few saplings poking their heads up from the mud.

Oh, the mud. Finn has been newly turned on to the wonder that is mud this week.

He squishily stamps his handprints wherever he can find a clean canvas.

And he mischievously chases his siblings with glee.

But who could deny this little boy the chance to discover what comes after the rain.


  1. Somewhere there is a picture of me wearing training pants, one striped sock, and completely painted, head to toe, with mud. I love it!

  2. Mud play is the best! Glad you all are enjoying it!

  3. I love the rain! Such beautiful, vibrant photos Joy:) Isn't mud just the best!

  4. that is great! I love that picture of Finn...adorable!

  5. What a beautiful day!
    The last photo of Finn is wonderful : )

  6. Love the mud! That last photo is so beautiful--- what a handsome boy!


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