Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dreariness & WIP Wednesday

The world is a bit dreary in our corner today. The afternoon brought angry gray skies which made taking any photographs difficult. The afternoon also brought a sad boy who was disappointed that we forgot his class potluck this evening until it was too late. I really hate it when I forget one of the kids' events like this. Since our kids go to 3 different schools, I try to maintain some semblance of control over our schedules, and if I tell them we'll attend an event, we do...unless I forget. Sigh. Never mind that most of the food probably wouldn't be suited to what we generally eat. That kind of comment to a sad boy certainly wouldn't have helped him feel better. Fortunately, an after dinner treat of an ice cream shop run seemed to alleviate some of the sadness.

I guess beauty sometimes shines through even on dreary days.

Did I mention the whole afternoon left me in a bit of a funk? Fortunately, I'm finding the knitting I've been doing very relaxing. Here's to a knit-ful evening!

A gift for Paulie that I worked on late last week: the elf cap from Handknit Holidays. I really love that pattern, and this yarn was a dream to work with as well.

I've been really enjoying working on this project for the last several days...a loose knit scarf for myself. (Something for me? Say it isn't so!) This yarn, so full of texture and deep color, was purchased from Shivaya Naturals to benefit Doctors Without Borders, and the pattern is Faggotting from Lace and Eyelets.


  1. I'm glad the ice cream helped. :)

    Even though it was a "dreary" day, the photos turned out lovely!

  2. Oh no. Ice cream was a good idea to help heal the wound a bit.

    I've been in a funk today too. What is up with that? I have 2 other grumpy friends today too...must be in the stars. Hope tomorrow is better.


  3. Knitting always seems so soothing when I'm stressed. I hope the sun comes out for you tomorrow. That elf hat is so cute!

  4. Feel better soon mama! We all get in funks sometimes, makes you appreciate the good times more.
    Take care,
    Love the elf hat photo :)

  5. Here's to a wonderful Wednesday. I'm glad there was a good solution to your dilemma-- it stinks to be the mommy sometimes. Chin up-tomorrow is waiting for you!-

  6. Wow that is some beautiful lacey goodness! I hope tomorrow brings sunshine to lift your spirits.


  7. Oh how I love that scarf! I am sorry you're in a funk :( I was there last week. If you need ot talk you know where I am <3 <3 Sending you lots of love!!

  8. Your photos are beautiful! I don't know how you do it, juggling work, 4 kids, 3 schools, multiple parents, crafting, blogging, etc. You are doing an amazing job!

  9. Awww go easy on yourself. I can't imagine keeping track of 4 kids' schedules. You are a super mom!
    I love that color for your scarf, beautiful! You derserve it!

  10. Beautiful works...I love both of them. Thanks for the link on the hat...it is truly darling!

  11. We've all been in a bit of a funk here too and just blaming it on the dreary weather. Hopefully the sunshine to come this afternoon will pull us all out of it! :) Love, love, love your knitting projects. I haven't knitted in a few weeks and have been thinking about how much I'm missing it. Thank you for inspiring me to pick up those needles again!

  12. I love that elf hat! And Heather's yarn is so beautiful in that lace!


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