Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday with Finn

Finn is playing only child this weekend with his siblings at their other parents' houses. With this glorious weather that we're having here, we decided to head to the farmer's market then the park to enjoy the morning outside. The problem with that plan was that we weren't aware of the other million people who would be heading to the farmer's market for the annual egg hunt there, so we revamped our plans and found ourselves at a different park slightly further away.

Finn didn't mind. He found stumps, which are apparently a new discovery for him. "What happened to the trees, Mommy?"

He raced up stone steps. "Don't catch me, Daddy!"

He looked searchingly into root caves. "Hello, gnome! Are you there?!"

He sniffed every flower we stumbled upon. "Mmmm...dewishious!"

He waded into the cool, clear creek water. *giggles*

And explored the pebbles in the creek bottom. "I'm going to throw these rocks down!"

Then we left the park to meander through our favorite used bookstore. *silence*

I hope your Saturday was just as lovely, full of sun and fun outside.


  1. Gorgeous photos so full of color! It really is spring where you are! I love your new banner too : ) Happy Easter Joy! xo

  2. What a wonderful park to visit Joy, it looks so beautiful! Have a lovely Easter:)

  3. Sounds like a perfect dday to me. He is getting SO big! Enjoy your Easter Joy!

  4. What a little cutie smelling that magnolia tree! Love that pic.

    Happy Easter!

  5. Hello, I am also near Raleigh. Where is that beautiful park you visited?

    Beautiful pictures!


  6. Hi Jess, the park is Miller Park in Winston Salem. :)

  7. Oh, what a sweet boy! I love that photo of him at the bookstore, he looks quite at home!


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