Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the great outdoors today

The sun came back this afternoon and brushed the dreariness away. Thankfully! The kids wanted to, as usual, spend their outdoor time on their bikes.

Mama, instead, chose to knit out in the sun and spring breezes.

Then we all laid in the grass for a few minutes examining the fluffy white clouds scattered over the amazingly blue sky.

which Finn took as an open invitation to try to run me over.

Elizabeth spied the moon that was already peaking out from behind the clouds and correctly identified it as a first quarter moon.


  1. Ha-it's mama show your face week! I am happy to see yours :)

  2. Love that perspective of Finn coming to run you down :) Looks like a lovely afternoon!

  3. we talked a LOT about clouds today--even enjoyed our first real exploration of wet on wet painting with the sky as our inspiration...

  4. I love the photo of Elizabeth and the clouds!

  5. The last photo is really neat of Elizabeth!
    Isn't it nice to just sit out in the sun again and watch the kids play!

  6. Love the last photo--- and it's nice to catch a glimpse of you, pretty lady!


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