Sunday, April 18, 2010

out in the yard

Today we spent the bulk of the day out working in the yard. I wanted to fill our porch and deck pots with herbs this year, just to see how it goes so I planted some lavender, oregano and mint. If all goes well, an herb garden along the house somewhere might be in the future.

Finn spent his time alternately riding his bikes and helping daddy plant blueberry bushes.

He's already quite a pro with the shovel.

We also transplanted our rosemary bush to the little flower bed by the rock. I hope it does a little better here than in the pot. I feel like I use more rosemary than I was able to comfortably harvest from the potted rosemary. Hopefully, the rosemary will flourish and become a nice little shrub in this spot.

When Elizabeth came home, she and I spent some time in the front yard working on our individual yarn projects. Such a nice way to spend the evening!


  1. How wonderful to have Elizabeth to knit with!
    I think you will find your Rosemary will do really well out of a pot, I am eager to plant our herb garden too!

  2. How lovely Joy, I really enjoy herbs, I use them for dyeing yarn and for cooking and if anyone is ill :) Elizabeth's knitting looks wonderful!

  3. Blueberry bush!?! I am going to come camp out in your yard and eat them all!!! :)

  4. What a beautiful blog, i have just found it for the first time. Such lovely days there..xx

  5. Look at all that green in your yard! I'm wanting to plant a kitchen herb garden this year (I'm thinking thyme, basil, and parsley)

  6. Should we end up moving to Georgia in the summer, I keep telling myself....."Oh, I could have a huge herb garden where the rosemary will grow BIG!" I would love that. They don't overwinter here, so just as the summer ends they are getting big only to die a few weeks later. It breaks my heart every fall. Rosemary is my favorite herb to cook with.


  7. I love growing herbs. It's so fun to see things starting to grow. I thought winter would never end this year.

  8. that knitting photo is fabulous!


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