Monday, April 19, 2010

Various Challenges

Blogland seems to be full of challenges lately, and although I'm picky about what I choose to commit to, we've been charging full steam ahead into these 2 challenges. First up, the Green Smoothie Challenge. Green smoothies every day for 2 weeks. Just 2 little weeks. C'mon, you know you want to drink your greens every go right on over to here or here and sign yourself up.

Next up is the Great Outdoor Challenge which I've mentioned a few times already. April is really the perfect month for this challenge, at least in NC. Our weather has been so gorgeous for almost the whole month. Today we spent most of our time outside just playing.

Paulie and Finn's favorite game: Paulie pushes Finn, then walks in front of him,

pretends to get kicked by Finn,

and falls backward dramatically. Boys! I sure hope Finn doesn't laugh if a little kid unintentionally walks in front of him one day...

We did check out our basil which is sprouting up all over the pot. I had the bright idea to buy some organic basil plants (these have already been harvested twice for pesto) and also plant basil seeds in the same pot. As the seeds grow larger, I'll completely harvest the big plants. Yay for extended basil growing season!

We also noticed the crazy amount of new growth on our pine tree this year.

And how tall the golden grasses are growing in the field behind our house.

Whats going on outside where you are right now?


  1. You can never have enough basil! At least, that's my philosophy. ;) Finn and Paulie are so cute. We're enjoying the Outdoor Challenge to, as well as something called the No Impact Challenge(which has involved some smoothie making).

  2. I definitely need to sign up for the green smoothie challenge!

  3. I am drinking my green smoothie looking at your green smoothie : ) It is so fun getting this support from each other as we all do this challenge at the same time! I am really excited about it!

  4. That all looks like so much fun! I'm inadvertenly participating in both challenges-- yay for me, apparently! Your plants look great!

  5. I think I must sign up for the green smoothie challenge:) Your Basil looks wonderful Joy:)

  6. I rememer getting hooked on green smoothies a year or two ago when did a green smoothie challenge. Now being pregnant, I downright CRAVE them and can't seem to get enough!
    That game that Paulie and Finn play looks very familiar to me :) So sweet!

  7. I need to join these challenges, but the golden fields are calling...(so i guess we have accepted the nature challenge without admitting it.)

  8. It is absolutely sunny right now which means I am heading out with a green smoothie in my hand to the park down the street for some sipping, sun-sitting, and knitting.

  9. That is one gorgeous field behind your house! What a blessing!


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