Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WIP Wednesday & Feb nature table

I'm having trouble staying focused on one project at a time over here, not that I do that very well anyway. I'm almost finished with the back of this baby sweater for a new little one joining our extended family this spring. I love the soft creaminess of this organic cotton yarn by Mirasol. A white table is not the best place to photograph it, but it's truly lovely.

I've also been working on these, my first pair of socks. Well, I've actually mostly been ignoring them for the last week. All that tiny, yet beautiful, yarn and tiny needles just doesn't flow as well for me as other knitting. To top it off, and I've never had trouble with this when using DPNs before, but I have lines of looser stitches where my DPNs meet.

See...lines! Does anyone else have this problem or am I just sock-knitting inept?

On another note, I'm loving this Bust-The-Stash blanket. There's something about pulling out the remnants of all the hats, blankets and scarves that are keeping my family warm and threading them all together into a cozy, colorful blanket. Finn keeps asking if it's for him, but I'll likely just leave it downstairs on the sofa for everyone to share.

Our nature table received a little bit of an update this week, including our Hearts for Haiti.

The card seemed quite fitting considering the crazy winter weather we've been having for the last week. Our area is supposed to receive more ice/sleet/snow in a couple of days and the kids are going to school tomorrow (late) for the first time in almost a week!


  1. How did I not know you were pregnant?!?!?!?!?!? CONGRATS!

  2. While that would certainly make life interesting, I'm not pregnant. The sweater is for a cousin's baby. :) But thanks, Nicole!

  3. Isn't destashing for yourself the best feeling? I think you are brave to attemp socks-- I've heard they are difficult/tedious!

  4. Ack! Phew! Ok I was feeling horrible there!!! :) Well, congrats to your cousin <3 and I can't wait to see the socks finished!! :)

  5. The bust-the-stash blanket looks fabulous. All crazy and colorful - just my style! Stay safe in all the cold wet stuff!

  6. Lovely knits! I know exactly the line problem in socks. There is two ways to fix it-one is to pull your knitting yarn tightly when you go between two needles and the other is to twist the stitch as you knit between the needles (though, this is a little noticeable). It's tricky to not get the line because with socks the needles and yarn are so thin!! I think the socks look great and that sweater--can't wait to see the finished product!

  7. Oh that little seal and polar bear on the nature table...I love them.

    Happy knitting.

  8. beautiful knitting projects!!
    i love your sweet sledding card, where do you purchase yours?

  9. I love that blanket! So bright and colorful. And your nature table is so sweet for wintery weather . . .

  10. beautiful beautiful knitting. how do these beauties fly off your needles so quickly?


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