Monday, June 22, 2009

summer solstice

We visited the local solstice festival at a nearby arboretum yesterday. The weather was a little muggy, but didn't hit 95 like the day before, so we were grateful. The kids enjoyed themselves immensely in the beautiful gardens transformed by all the fairy-like activity.

Paul found the fairies hiding place.

The kids crossed over the bridge into the fairies frolic area where a drumming circle had commenced.

Elizabeth purchased a streaming halo.

Finn had a blast in the mist tent.

All the kids took a break to finish their snow cones.

We enjoyed the lovely flowers. (We were at the arboretum, after all.)

We kicked up our feet.

And got our faces, and arms, painted.

A midsummer night's dream was had by all...


  1. What a fantastic celebration Joy, it all looks so wonderful. I love your gnomes from your previous post!

  2. what a lovely post, i almost cried at the joy on your children's faces what alovely day you all had x

  3. What a great picture of Finn! All of them are so cute.

  4. That looks like so much fun. I was reading a book to J about summer solstice celebrations and thinking that I wish we had something like you have around here!

  5. That looks like it was an absolute blast--perfect start to the summer!

  6. a perfect start to summer. looks like you had a very wonderful sunny day

  7. What a beautiful festival. Such a lovely beginning to the summer.

    Lisa :)


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