Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Signs of Summer

Spending our evenings outside
(I was trying to get Finn to smile.
He said, "No, Mama, I doing somefing.")

Mowing incessantly,
especially with all the rain we've been having

veggies from the garden
our first zuke is below

playing lots of board games
pictured below is the one Elizabeth made


  1. I love zucchini...just made bread from it this past weekend. YUM. :)

    Elizabeth, your game looks like a lot of fun to play!

  2. Geez, didn't ya know that you're not supposed to disturb little ones when they are working so intensely??? :)

    Love that homemade game!

    Lisa :)

  3. Don't you just love this time of year? :)

  4. Aaaah - we've been considering making a board game too- though I haven't mentioned the idea to Trev in about a week.
    We have another week of rains on and off and clouds, so maybe we'll do it this week!
    Thanks for the reminder.

    Love those signs of summer!

  5. Love the board game! It is a great time of year-I just wish we didn't have so much rain in our forecast!

  6. Yay! Your garden is blooming. How fun. Time for us to get out some board games, too...

  7. Those are definitely signs of summer. That intent look on Finn's face is too cute! Elizabeth's board game looks like fun.

  8. Beautiful job on the homemade game : )
    Sweet "toddler talk" so cute.
    Your zucchini is looking excellent!

  9. We've been spending so much time out side. When summer arrives I love spending my evenings on the patio reading and relaxing.

  10. lovely! and all the mowing? means you 1) have a lot of yard space (enviable!) and 2) more space you could use for gardening!


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