Friday, June 26, 2009

summer book basket

The kids have been enjoying our seasonal book basket since I updated last week with the summer books. I seemed to have a harder time finding summer books I loved as much as the fall, winter and spring books, but eventually I gathered a rather nice assortment that has been well appreciated by the kids.

Some of the favorites so far include:

Summer ~ Gerda Muller ~ because all of her seasonal set are so lovely and refreshing.
Peter in Blueberry Land ~ Elsa Beskow ~ I think we'd be hard pressed to find a Beskow book we didn't like, but this one with the blueberry-dressed boys and berry gifts for mother is so sweet.
Marshmallow Kisses ~ Linda Crotta Brennan ~ very sweet illustration, simple words
Snipp, Snapp, Snurr Learn to Swim ~ Maj Lindman ~ If you haven't read any of these Swedish stories, you are really missing something special. The illustrations will take you right back to the 40s & 50s.
Wave ~ Suzy Lee ~ gorgeous beach story told only through the chalk and charcoal illustrations
Blueberries for Sal ~ Robert McCloskey ~ perennial favorite of mamas and their little ones...and a pail of blueberries
Flower Fairies of the Summer ~ Cicely Mary Barker ~ beautiful poems about all the summer flowers


  1. What a great idea-to have a seasonal book basket! One I will definitely copy. :)

  2. What a cute idea!

    Joy, I made your banana, oat, almond butter muffins this afternoon. I took Elizabeth's suggestion and threw chocolate chips in them. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!!

  3. We enjoy our seasonal book basket too!
    It seems like many good books can get lost in the bunch and sorting them seasonally makes us appreciate them and relate more to the stories as they are doing some of the same things we may be doing in the season... I agree, Elsa Beskow is a favorite in our house Peter in Blueberry Land is the sweetest!
    Gerda Muller's books have been on my wishlist for some time, nice to hear you are enjoying her books!

  4. I really want to do a seasonal book basket too! Thanks for the summer book suggestions :)

  5. Thanks for the reminder! I need to go and update my summer reading basket. I'm going to use your list now to go and make some library requests. :)

  6. another oldie but goodie is Make Way For Ducklings


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