Friday, June 19, 2009

a low-key kind of day

Paulie and Elizabeth woke up a bit out-of-sorts this morning, probably more exhausted from the craziness of the last 2 weeks than anything, and asked if they could stay home with me while I worked today instead of going to the summer program at the Y. I, of course, agreed, with the understanding that they were to entertain themselves because mommy still has to work. ;) How long do you think that lasted? By 10 am, Paulie was asking to be taught how to needlefelt, and typically, Elizabeth was too caught up in a book to show him, so I took a few minutes break to show him the ins-and-outs of needlefelting. His summary of the experience: "needlefelting is hard and dangerous!"

And what else would be the first felty from a kid in a veggie family, but a hamburger! (to be fair, he is omnivorous at his mom's house)

A short trip to the library over my lunch break gave us a few hours of quiet...especially once they realized that there were prizes involved for 8+ hours of reading through the summer reading program at our library.

Elizabeth decided to make her own book about the Suger [sic] family. Kids' names: Fudge, Chocolate and Cream. I think the inspiration for that would be the Judy Blume books she's been reading lately.

Then I caught them giggling uncontrollably in the library while making the wooden figure model do various dance moves.

This next picture didn't happen until after dinner when Paul, et al, returned home, but Finn's muffin-smeared face playing a wooden recorder was too cute to resist posting. Elizabeth's indignant reaction: "Now he's not just slobbering on my recorder, but he's getting muffin slime on it too!"


  1. Haha ... laughing out loud here over your son's 1st needle felt creation. From one veggie home to another, "cute hamburger!" Lol.

  2. that felt hamburger is too cute what a great first project.

    Love the characters in her story, anyone named Fudge has to be okay right.

  3. Sounds familiar!
    And sounds like it was a lovely day had by all. :)

  4. I loved Judy Blume as a kid! I've been trying to get Fauna to read the Fudge series, but she's not that interested for some reason. She's been reading Avi books lately, she loves the Poppy and Rye series. I'm sure she'll eventually read Judy Blume.

    Muffin slime and slobber on the recorder? I don't blame E's horror. ;)



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