Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday with Finn

Paul left this morning on a trip to the midwest to visit his folks leaving just Finn and I for the weekend. (The big kids are with their other parents this weekend.) Shortly after he left this morning, I found a beautiful surprise waiting for me on our bed: two books that I have been seriously desiring for the last few months. Just flipping through them today has been a wonderful, relaxing experience, and I haven't even made anything from them yet.

Finn and I visited some friends this morning.

And I was able to help provide a tiny bit of guidance for making a felt bluebird to sit inside Grady's recycled sweater robot's tummy.

This afternoon, Finn and I picked our first official harvest from the garden. Our garden isn't overly large, but we're grateful for the opportunity to get some fresh veggies from our backyard. We cooked the zucchini immediately for dinner. :)

We didn't actually do Saturday Lunch today because we were out running around. So it is Saturday dinner this week! We found some amazing Cherokee Purple tomatoes, which is one of my favorite varieties even if it is ugly, bell peppers, fresh corn, and red garlic to cook with our zucchini.

I think Finn enjoyed the corn almost as much as I did! He was so serious about nibbling every kernel.


  1. I love the last photo and I love the tie dye!
    Lucky you, what great crafty books I agree it is relaxing and fun just looking through them!
    Enjoy your special alone time with your little one : )

  2. What yummy veggies! Fresh and gorgeous. Enjoy reading the craft books...always so much fun.

  3. Hi Joy,
    I have especially been wanting to buy Weekend Sewing and now I think I must just go ahead and buy it. What lovely gifts from your husband! I love picking fresh produce from our garden with our family, it just feels so right... Your Zucchini looks absolutely wonderful and Finn looks as if he is so enjoying his corn...

    Have a wonderful week,



  4. Your pictures are always so amazing. And I love that he left you books. How sweet is that!

  5. That looks like a good day...I can't wait to see what you make from those books. I haven't gotten my hands on the gentle art of domesticity yet.

  6. What a sweet husband! Love the new header. Oh, there is nothing like fresh organic goodies from your own garden!

    lisa ;)

  7. Your husband is so sweet to leave those books behind for you. I keep hearing about how great *Weekend Sewing* is.
    Your Saturday dinner looks delicious!

  8. Joy, I'm so jealous. I didn't get to show you our garden, but the only thing it's producing yet is flowers... Thank you so much for my bluebird help. Grady really loves him-- can I link your pics to my site with credits?

  9. Melissa, of course you can! I can even send you the larger file if you want. :) I'm glad Grady's enjoying the bluebird.

  10. That corn picture with your baby boy is adorable. He is so focused on that corn--my baby decided that he wanted to be a corn farmer so he could have all he wanted. So sweet.


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