Sunday, January 29, 2012

birthday handknits

Some of you caught a glimpse of Elizabeth's birthday sweater in yesterday's post. She slipped it on almost as soon as she finished opening her gifts. Yay for appreciated handknits!

I was a tad nervous at how this sweater might fit since I used an adult x-small pattern and adjusted the body slightly shorter and the sleeves a little longer based on measurements I took of Elizabeth. I couldn't be more pleased though with how it turned out from a fitting perspective. She has about 1-2 inches to spare all the way around which is perfect for a sweater that *might* fit for a second winter.

The colors are perfect on her, which is no surprise since she chose the colorway of the yarn. She's such a bright ray of sunshine that bright colors suit her well.

The socks are nice and bright as well, although a slightly different colorway. They have enough of the same colors as the sweater, and Elizabeth never seems bothered by mix-and-match bright prints. (Here's an oldie but goodie to prove that point.)

I've come to the realization that with hand knit socks, unless you use elasticized yarn, they just don't want to stay up very well. And so Elizabeth has almost knee socks that are cozy and slouchy, although she doesn't seem to mind their tend to slouch.

So cozy in fact, that I almost want to steal them for myself!


  1. I don't blams you...those are fabulous looking socks! And they do look really soft!

    1. Gotta hate typos :) That's supposed to read "I don't blame you". The letters are rubbing off my keyboard :)

  2. Gorgeous! And she is looking so grown up :)

  3. She's looks wonderful in all her lovely knits! Are those knitted rings on her fingers too? I'd like to make a pair of knee socks but find that do scrunch down around the ankles eventually. A tie might be good to keep them up at the top or ribbing at the cuff.

  4. Wow - gorgeous knitting and colors! Your daughter is just beautiful.

  5. Super cute! Great shots! She looks thrilled which is so fun for a mama knitter !

  6. Her sweater is gorgeous. Great job! I LOVE the picture and the socks in your new banner. I assume those were the socks you knitted for Christmas? They are fabulous!


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