Monday, January 30, 2012

green in winter

Although yesterday was one of our cooler days over the last week, the temperatures in our area still hit the 50 degree mark, and we decided to throw on our jackets and take a small hike at one of our favorite little hiking spots. I was startled, although why, I'm not sure, to notice how green the forest was during this late-January hike. I thought we would have a frigid snap of weather at some point this winter, but we really haven't had much winter weather at all this year. I welcome the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, and to send the children outdoors, but I fear what this warm winter might mean for our summer. Alas, we enjoyed our hike choosing to remain in the moment and enjoy the relative warmth of our mid-winter day.

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  1. Great pictures! I was just thinking the same thing today about our summer to come.


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