Thursday, January 19, 2012

seeking a blogging balance

A week in the life of our family consists of 4 kids living here on 4 days, 2 kids on (most of) the remaining days, driving 8.5 miles to take and retrieve Elizabeth from school each day, driving an additional 44 miles to pick up the boys from their schools in a different town 2 days a week, 14-18 meals completely from scratch, cleaning (most of) the house, washing/drying/folding 10-12 loads of laundry, homeschooling (or something resembling that) Finn on 4 days, grocery shopping, blogging here on 4-5 days. And that doesn't even cover the reading aloud, helping with crafts, going for walks, poking around the yard or garden, knitting or anything else that happens at regular intervals that is impossible to quantify.

When I started The Book Children almost 2 years ago, I had the intention to share some of our family's and my children's favorite book with anyone who was interested in children's literature or just looking for a recommendation for books for their kids. Somewhere along the way, life changes happened, life became busier than usual, children kept growing up and time grew shorter and shorter.

But even though time for The Book Children fell short, I still held a spot in my heart for that space and longed to get back to it. I frequently find myself wanting to share books here that the kids are particularly enjoys as we go about our days. But I hold back because I know that really belongs over on The Book Children so I end up not sharing the books at all.

So after trying to come up with ways to incorporate The Book Children back into my day, I decided to try a few things that will hopefully keep balance in my life. I'm going to invite guest writers, probably mostly my older children, to review books that they've recently enjoyed. I also may end up posting here slightly less in effort to find a bit more time for The Book Children.

I'm not sure what will come of this new system, but I hope you'll join me over at The Book Children as I try to get things started again over there. And if you think you might want to contribute a post about a favorite book, send me an email (which you can find on my profile) and maybe we'll all find some new books to enjoy. :)

New posts at The Book Children can be found here and here.


  1. I've saved The Book Children in my Google Reader. My daughter is 2 and already LOVES books. We have tons & tons of board books and I've started also buying "real" books (that's what she calls them) for as well. I'm always looking for picture books to either get for ourselves or take out of the library. I'm looking forward to reading your posts!

  2. Isn't the time crunch so funny. We're struggling with the balance here too and we have less on our plates then you do! Can't wait to read and hear about some more of your favorite books.

  3. I have three for my classroom, one for my farm/kids/home life, and one for my journey through getting healthy, clearing my house of clutter, and trying to sort out financial woes. It's a lot!! My farm blog is the main one, and the others I just post on now and then. I will certainly add The Book Children to my blogroll...I share your passion!

  4. You know what? Finding good books for our family was how I discovered blogging. I was looking for some book or another and stumbled on MamaRoots and it all launched from there. I still say sharing a good book is a wonderful way to connect. I hope you find the balance Joy. We're all seeking that balance :)


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