Thursday, January 12, 2012

a little bit of lovely

A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend about hard times and negative thinking. The discussion mostly revolved around how focus and thoughts can improve or worsen a difficult time and how focusing on something positive or finding a few bright spots during the day can improve the situation. I've thought of the conversation several times since then.

As I was thinking of it yesterday, a verse popped into my head: whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely...think on these things. True, noble, right, pure, those I get. Those are virtues that lead to a better life. But lovely? Maybe it's not just a cliche that thinking more positive or lovely thoughts can improve your outlook. Maybe there is more value to finding what is lovely in your life than just a prosaic notion of "positive thinking".

And so I decided this morning to find 10 things that share a little bit of loveliness in my life, 10 things that make me smile or brighten my day.

~ the view from my bedroom window (and a large part of the reason why we settled on this house)

~ a recently discovered piece of pottery that I made years ago, stashed in the garage until I found a use for it

~ seeing little feet cozy and warm in a pair of socks that I knit

~ a random, single bud which bloomed quite late on my Christmas cactus

~ the maker of rainbows which hangs in my breakfast nook window and shines rainbows over half of the downstairs at different points during the day

~ these lovely glass orbs, which don't photograph well, but have hung from our ceiling bringing loveliness for over 7 years now. I never tire of this bit of lovely.

~ a nearly completed knitting project

~ a recent revamp of the art wall in our library and especially the sweet watercolor leaves Elizabeth made at school

~ a cup of tea in one of my handmade mugs (most of the mugs were made by me, this one is an exception)

~ a Christmas present for Paul, with a matching one for me, of course, because every couple needs matching iron pipes flanking their bed

I hope that noticing and appreciating the little bits of loveliness in my life can become a daily practice. What little bits of lovely are in your life right now?


  1. What a wonderful - wonder-filled post. Thank you. Those are lovely things. I hope you don't mind if I link to your site. I'd like to share your thoughts.....

  2. What a wise wise person you are Joy! Thank you for sharing this. I find that I am SO aesthetically oriented that I have a hard time focusing on ANYTHING let alone the positive without some lovely around me.

  3. such a wonderful post, full of very happy and lovely things. actively looking for the positives can be such a good thing.


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