Monday, January 9, 2012

carrot pennies

Finn and I have incorporated cooking into our homeschooling quite a bit this year. Through most of the fall, we cooked soup each Monday. Now that we are getting back into the swing of things and the older kids have returned to school, I thought we might change our cooking just a bit.

I found a book at our local used bookstore a few months ago that I decided to add to Finn's gift of books at Christmas. Pretend Soup first caught my eye because the author is one of my favorite cookbook authors, Mollie Katzen. Her Moosewood Cookbook and Vegetable Heaven are two of my go-to books for simple vegetarian recipes so I immediately thought Pretend Soup might be a good fit for us as well.

My favorite aspect of this book is the directions given through pictures and simple words for young children to follow. The book also contains a more traditional recipe and directions on the preceding page for older children and to obtain a more precise measurement of ingredients.

Finn was thrilled to be making a recipe that he could add every ingredient and follow the directions all by himself.

And so we had carrot pennies, accompanied by cheese, rice crackers, apples and orange, for lunch, although the carrot pennies were mostly wavy because that wavy vegetable chopper is just irresistible. Could you imagine trying to fit pennies shaped like that in your change purse?

"I cooked these myself, right mama? I mean, you just helped a little bit, right?"



  1. How wonderful Joy! I have just gone and bought this book on Book Depository. I think Kye is going to love it!
    xo xo

  2. I loved Pretend Soup as a kid! Thanks for the reminder-- I think I'll try to find my copy for Caroline :)

  3. It always takes a deep breath when my little ones ask if they can "help"...the chairs get dragged over, aprons tied on...then the fighting over who pours/stirs what begins. But their joy and pride in serving up something they made makes it worth it. And we always talk about nutrition and seasonings and kitchen chemistry while we bake, so...we all win!

  4. What a proud moment for him! I must check out that book.

  5. It DOES look delicious! And what a sweet book, I will have to remember that one. I have a wonderful carrot soup recipe to share with you... see ya soon :)

  6. i love me some Mollie Katzen--gonna have to check this book out!

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